2011 Annual Report


Corporate Governance Structure


In enhancing our GCG practices, we aim to improve both the structure and the implementation process and ensure that the principles of transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence and fairness are applied at each level of the Company. This is aimed at mitigating the risk of conflict of interest in the execution of the duties, functions and responsibilities of our BoC, BoD, management and employees.

Internally, our policy on GCG is articulated in BoD Decree No.29 year 2007, which sets out an integrated operational framework for GCG. This incorporates certain management systems that are prerequisites for the Company to ensure that every transaction, whether internal or external, is conducted in an ethical manner and in accordance with best corporate governance practices. Every year we evaluate the effectiveness of our implementation of this policy. This is done independently and comprehensively to safeguard our integrity in the eyes of both the authorities and the general public.

Our corporate governance structure consists of: